Looking for a new job or a career change doesn’t have to be a stressful period in your life. Consider bilingual jobs in Tucson AZ, if you speak another language other than English and want to pursue a career in the insurance sector.

One of the best ways to find the desired job is by using Afni careers. We are dedicated to helping people like you build the careers they want. Our core values are to help you fuel your passion and motivate you to pursue change with our transparent hiring process.

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Importance of Bilingual Jobs in the Insurance Sector

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The Importance of Bilingual Jobs in the Insurance Sector

Knowing a second language is the biggest treasure and one of the most valued skills for employment. It can open many career opportunities. Knowing two or more languages increases your chances of getting a job. Also, it may bring many benefits no matter the industry you are working in.

Being bilingual is especially important if you want to work in the insurance sector. If you land a job with Afni, you can rest assured you will be a valued new hire right from the start.

One of the things that proves the importance of this skill is that there are constantly new openings for jobs in Tucson, Arizona. The main reason is that the client base of Arizona insurance companies comes from different backgrounds and cultures.

Although there are many reasons why speaking more than one language is important in the insurance sector, here are the most important ones.

Serving Diverse Clients

Insurance companies see bilingual employees as valuable assets. They can bring the company services closer to potential or current clients. People constantly seek a better life and often move to a country without speaking the language or knowing just the basics.

Here is where your role as a bilingual employee in the insurance sector is most important. Clients coming from different regions of the world require some kind of insurance. Your combination of expertise in the industry and knowing their native language will bring more clients to the company.

Depending on the language or multiple languages you speak, you will have the chance to create a wide circle of clients from different linguistic backgrounds. As a bilingual or multilingual employee in the insurance sector, you will effectively serve a diverse customer base.

Building trust and rapport

Bilingual employees have a power that monolingual employees don’t have - breaking the language barriers and building trust. As a rule of thumb, the higher the customer’s trust, the stronger the client-service provider relationship will be.

You will potentially bring more leads from the same community by speaking a language the clients understand. Bringing clients from various backgrounds is not only good for the company's reputation and growth. It also might be beneficial for you.

If you land a job with bonuses, you will have the chance to earn more money by doing the same job as the others, but while communicating in another language with the clients. More money for the same amount of work. Sounds tempting, right?

Building trust and rapport

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Navigating complex policies

As they say, an informed client is a happy client. Unfortunately, many people find insurance policies and terms and conditions difficult to understand. This is especially the case for foreigners who don’t have the language skills to get a hold of their insurance.

Seeing a friendly face and hearing a language they understand will make the process of getting the insurance they need easier. As a bilingual employee, you can easily understand customers' needs, explain complex policies, and help them make the right decision.

The insurance sector is turning global

Like every other sector, most insurance companies aim to expand their services globally. Hence, bilingual employees are necessary if the insurance company plans to open branches in another non-native English language country.

The same goes for partnerships with insurance companies from other countries. Bilingual employees are important for companies collaborating with other insurance companies and trying to position themselves well in the market.

As a bilingual employee, you can expand your horizons, work closely with colleagues from different countries, improve your skills, and open possibilities for higher-paid positions.

Bilingual Skills and Qualifications

Language Proficiency Requirements

With our latest job openings, we are looking for individuals who are fluent in both Spanish and English.

When we say fluently, we mean that you should be able to communicate with other people freely, understand them, and know how to continue the conversation in a professional manner. It’s important to mention that both written and oral communication skills are required for all job positions available on our site.

Check the language requirements when applying for bilingual jobs in Tucson AZ. Typically, some of the following three levels of bilingualism might be required:

  • Professional working proficiency
  • Full professional proficiency
  • Native proficiency

Additionally, knowing the culture of the second language is a big advantage. It will help you build trust and rapport with diverse clients.

Language Proficiency Requirements

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Insurance Industry Knowledge

The level of understanding of insurance terminology, policies, and procedures depends on the job position you will be applying for. To illustrate, a basic knowledge of the insurance sector might be required for a customer service agent. However, other roles may require intermediate to advanced insurance industry knowledge.

As our insurance bilingual sector continues to grow, we are looking for highly motivated individuals who want to grow a career with us. We provide a paid training program to assist each individual in transitioning into their role in the insurance sector more smoothly.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

All positions are open for candidates with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Every insurance branch is a dynamic sector, and most of the time, you will communicate with people. You will use your skills to interact with clients, colleagues, and management effectively, depending on your job position.

You will be an excellent candidate for a job in the industry sector if you have the following communication skills:

  • Active listening
  • Problem-solving
  • Empathy
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms
  • Conflict management
  • Negotiation and persuasion
  • Phone etiquette

Benefits of Bilingual Insurance Jobs in Tucson

Competitive Salaries

Right from the start, you will be earning a competitive salary. Being bilingual leads to higher compensation due to the ability to communicate with a broader client base. As a reference, our bilingual insurance specialists make $1 more per hour than their English-speaking colleagues.

Career Growth Opportunities

As a bilingual professional, you might have more opportunities for growth and position change. In the insurance sector, there are a lot of career opportunities if you work hard and prove you are a valuable member of the company.

At Afni, you can take advantage of many training and development programs. Participating in the award-winning programs will help you accelerate your career path and advance your skills.

Tips for Applying and Succeeding in Bilingual Jobs

If we are entirely honest, the job market in the insurance sector is highly competitive. However, as we are a trusted partner for many people seeking new jobs, we have expert advice on how to stand out.

Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter

Create your resume to highlight your previous experience in the insurance sector (if you have any). Add a section with certifications you have that are connected with the job, including the language levels.

Tailor the cover letter by emphasizing your qualifications and attributes. Ensure you include why you will be the right fit for the position by mentioning what skills you have from the ones required in the job post.

Never lie on your resume or when writing your cover letter. Be entirely honest about your capabilities, previous experience, and language knowledge.

Prepare for the interview

You should prepare for the interview for a bilingual job the same as you prepare for any other job opening. For one, read about the company you are applying to. If you apply for a job through Afni, you can get to know us better by checking our website and talking to some of our employees. If you know someone, that is.

If you haven’t spoken one of the languages for quite some time, practice your slightly less fluent language. Sometimes, you might be handed language tests as part of the recruiting process. In addition, part of the interview might be in the second language.

Prepare for the interview

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Professional development

To succeed in the insurance sector, you must be a life-long learner. You should use every opportunity that is presented to you for skill enhancement. To understand insurance practices, you can learn from your colleagues and participate in workshops and training.

The insurance sector is constantly changing. That’s why you need to stay updated and keep an eye on industry trends and new regulations.

Find Your Next Bilingual Job In Tucson With Afni

Applying for bilingual jobs in Tucson AZ, with Afni can offer several benefits, including incentive plans and bonuses on top of the competitive pay.

You won’t have to worry about your working hours because we guarantee a full-time work week. We are dedicated to providing each of our employees with personal and professional growth opportunities. If you are looking for a bilingual job in the insurance sector and want to work for us, check out our open positions and apply now with Afni in Tucson!