Afni employees level up their careers with Indiana Tech!

May 23, 2024 in Afni News, Employee Recognition

Imagine achieving a long-held goal, unlocking new career opportunities, and gaining skills that are invaluable to any team. That's exactly what our employees who recently completed degrees and certifications experienced, thanks to a powerful partnership between Afni and Indiana Tech!

A shared vision

Afni and Indiana Tech share a commitment to empowering individuals through education. Recognizing the power of knowledge and skills development, this partnership was forged in 2019 to offer U.S. employees an accessible pathway to higher education.

This partnership goes beyond financial support. It's a comprehensive approach that combines scholarships with tuition reimbursement, flexible online learning options, and personalized guidance to ensure employees succeed every step of the way.

Two programs help to propel future success:

Corporate Scholarship

This program makes pursuing higher education more affordable and accessible than ever. Whether it’s a master's, bachelor's, associate degree, or Afni Leadership Certificate, we're here to help our employees take the next step in their career journeys!

Afni Leadership Certificate

Afni employees can become inspiring and motivating leaders with this certificate. The classes count towards an Organizational Leadership Certificate and a degree, making them eligible for Tuition Reimbursement. This is a fast track to developing the essential skills needed to excel in today's fast-paced business environment. Students gain confidence, learn to manage change, and enhance their communication skills in this program.

Meet a few of our most recent graduates!

We're incredibly proud of our employees who recently earned their degree or certificate within a degree program with Indiana Tech. Their dedication to personal and professional growth is truly inspiring. Let's give them a round of applause as we share a few of their stories!

Let's hear from a few of our graduates who have transformed their lives and careers through this partnership:

After eight years with Afni, Jan leveraged the Indiana Tech partnership to pursue her Entrepreneur Certificate.

Emily found the perfect opportunity to complete her long-delayed degree. With support from both Afni and Indiana Tech, she’s balancing work, family, and school to achieve her educational goals, proving it's never too late to finish what you started.

Willie seized the opportunity to pursue a long-held educational goal through our Indiana Tech partnership, successfully balancing work and studies to achieve his degree!

Michelle completed her Business Administration Management degree with Indiana Tech, taking a double course load and graduating with Summa Cum Laude honors!

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