Five Perks of Customer Service Jobs

March 23, 2023 in Afni News

Pinpointing your dream career can be challenging and overwhelming. Maybe you'd enjoy so many different fields that narrowing it down to one is the problem. Or perhaps you still need to discover a career you're passionate about.

Five Perks of Customer Service Jobs
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Many areas are rather competitive to break into right now, and jobs can be scarce. However, the customer service demand remains steady and the field continues to grow in the U.S.. Working in customer service is not only a great career, but it helps you master skills that help you excel in all aspects of life. Here are five perks to working in customer service.

1. Improving Your Emotional Intelligence and Business Literacy

Being in customer service is good daily brain food. Have no fear if you're shy; a few weeks in customer service, and you'll break out of your shell and learn essential people skills that will carry with you wherever you go in business and life. Being on the phone and talking to people all day can take some getting used to, but the people and business-centered skills you naturally develop outweigh the learning curve.

Those in customer service also spend a lot of time solving problems for others, which enhances the ability to feel empathy for others and build meaningful relationships. Sometimes it's not super fun dealing with demanding customers, but the job also helps you build a thick skin and, at times, forces you to learn self-regulation skills that are important for mental health management. Those in customer-facing roles must de-escalate customers calmly and collectively and assist them amid the chaos.

2. Understanding a Product like the Back of Your Hand

A successful customer service rep has to know their company's product inside and out in order to answer questions and solve problems. This is often a great way to build a passion. Being an expert on a product can open many future doors for you and further job opportunities when the time is right.

Your product can become your niche. It could loop you into training and team lead opportunities because you know your stuff. Your very valuable expertise will open doors for you and help you become an essential force behind your company's mission.

3. Building Transferable Skills

All the skills you learn through a customer support job will be valuable for other professional sectors such as:

  • Sales: customer service experience can be directly transferred to a sales job and go off without a hitch. If you're great at customer service, chances are, you'll be great at sales, too.
  • Marketing: Product knowledge is a big deal in successful marketing. Whether you're conducting product research, managing social media support channels, or writing blogs about the product, expert product knowledge gives you a leg up.

4. Having a Network of Mentors

When working in customer support, it's OK if you don't know every single answer to every customer question; you have a support system to turn to. Part of your job may be to share feedback with company leaders or stakeholders, and your insights can change how your organization's leaders think about the ideal buyer persona since you’re the one dealing with customers one-on-one.

Working in customer service allows you to get noticed by higher-ups in the company. It enables you to build relationships with co-workers who have different strengths than you. You’ll work as a team and ultimately get work done efficiently. It's always wise to learn from the people around you and absorb knowledge as you open yourself to learning opportunities.

5. Gaining Vital Problem-solving Skills

No matter what ventures you pursue, you’ll need problem-solving skills to succeed. Customer service is a great way to learn those crucial problem-solving skills. At its core, customer support involves hearing a problem and figuring out how to solve it, while balancing the needs of the company and the customer.

Whether they're quick-fixes or more complex situations, you'll need to think on your toes, get creative, pull from your expertise and training, and utilize your people skills to solve the problem diplomatically. Many find this work rewarding. In a fast-paced customer service job, you can master time management and prioritization. These skills can set you up for promotions and team management positions.

Whether you're looking for a long career in customer support for an innovative company or are eager to start your customer service journey as a stepping stone, AFNI Careers can connect you to customer service representative jobs in Tucson, Arizona; Opelika, Alabama; and Bowling Green, Kentucky. There are many skills and lessons you learn in customer service that you simply cannot learn anywhere else.


Right now, it might be difficult to break into many fields, and employment opportunities can be limited. However, there is a consistent need for customer service, and the industry is expanding in the United States. In addition to being a terrific job, working in customer service teaches you abilities that will help you succeed in other facets of life.

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