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Each industry possibly requires customer service. Yet, good outcomes come from excellent customer service. This is reflected in the hierarchy of customer service job titles, where junior positions learn from their seniors.

This article aims to explain what a customer service job involves. Plus, you will discover each role's characteristics, requirements, and responsibilities.

What Is Considered a Customer Service Job?

Customer service roles refer to positions within a company responsible for providing assistance and support to clients. These roles include jobs in customer service, success, support, and experience.

The customer journey includes positions from helping customers make the right purchase choice to providing support after purchase. The final goal of a customer service job is to make customers understand how to use the specific product or service and ensure they have a positive experience.

Customer service careers require excellent communication and problem-solving skills to assist customers and satisfy their needs. We included the key responsibilities and goals of this type of role.

What Is Considered a Customer Service Job
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Key responsibilities of customer service professionals

  • Giving product or service information – Inform customers about the product or service’s features, benefits, and pricing.
  • Dealing with transactions – Process orders, returns, and refunds, ensuring a good customer experience.
  • Building and maintaining customer relationships – Aim to make good customer connections. That is why trying to understand their needs and expectations is crucial.

Goals of customer service professionals

  • Customer satisfaction – Providing the necessary assistance, resolving problems quickly, and delivering great service.
  • Effective communication – A customer service professional must listen carefully and ask the customer to repeat if something is unclear. Empathy is another important factor since these professionals must try to understand the customer's needs.
  • Finding solutions – These professionals must possess problem-solving skills. They should think logically, analyze given situations, and find practical solutions.

Customer Service Job Titles Hierarchy and Job Descriptions

We provided a customer service job titles list that will generally explain each customer service role from the four categories. They are entry-level positions, mid-level positions, managerial and leadership roles, and executive positions.

Entry-level positions

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

A customer service representative is crucial in achieving the goals and ensuring the customers are satisfied with your company’s service. Their main role is to communicate with customers to address their concerns, answer questions, and assist them with their needs.

A CSR usually addresses customer’s queries and concerns via phone or email. They also provide information about a certain product or service, answer customers’ questions, and handle large amounts of incoming calls.

Moreover, a good customer service representative is patient, helpful, and communicative. They also have to be empathetic, putting themselves in other people's shoes and doing their best to help them.

Call center agent

A call center agent is responsible for handling incoming calls from customers and providing them with the necessary information or troubleshooting their issues. They are the first contact points for customers seeking assistance with products, services, or inquiries.

Upon receiving a call, the agent greets the customer professionally and actively listens to their concerns or questions. They use their knowledge of the company’s products and services to provide correct information to the customers.

A call center agent may also need to route calls to other departments or to the supervisor if the agent can not solve the problem or provide answers. To become a call center agent, you have to be calm and patient, have a friendly tone of voice, and be helpful.

Mid-level positions

Customer service supervisor

Supervisors of customer service oversee, direct, and train the customer service representatives of a company. This person also investigates a complaint or an issue and solves it.

They are also responsible for observing customer service staff’s activities, giving them feedback, and assisting the team when required. To become a customer service supervisor, you need previous customer service knowledge. Moreover, you need proficient computer skills, great+ communication, written and verbal, people, and organizational skills.

Customer service supervisor
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Customer service manager

A customer service manager supervises an organization's entire customer service department. This role includes setting goals, developing policies, and managing budgets to ensure the department operates efficiently and effectively.

One of the key responsibilities of a customer service manager is to make sure that customer inquiries, complaints, and issues are handled quickly. They also monitor and search for improvement areas and implement necessary training or process improvements.

Besides managing daily operations, a customer service manager is responsible for creating long-term service strategies. This includes improving customer satisfaction.

Additionally, they manage budgets within the department. This includes planning and managing resources for technology updates and other things staff may need.

Customer success manager

A customer success manager is responsible for building client relationships, aiming for long-term satisfaction. This role is a liaison between customers and the teams, like sales, support, etc.

A customer success manager’s main goal is to meet and understand the needs and goals of clients, ensuring satisfaction with products and services. They check clients frequently to assess their satisfaction or address concerns and issues.

Aside from managing customer relationships, they provide training and support to teach clients how to use a product or service correctly and efficiently. Additionally, customer success managers solicit input on the good or service and inform product developers about customers’ opinions.

Executive positions

Director of customer service

This is one of the most senior positions in a company because the customer service director often reports to the CEO or the managing director. As the name suggests, the director of customer service is the person who leads the department.

They train new employees and monitor existing ones. Their responsibilities also include establishing team goals and observing progress. They develop and implement policies and procedures for serving customers.

Regarding the skills, customer service directors need patience, an eye for detail, listening skills, and problem-solving skills. Also, they should possess the ability to think strategically and lead.

Vice president of customer experience

This is a key leadership role. The vice president of customer experience leads the organization’s overall customer experience initiatives. This person ensures excellent customer experience, including customer service, product development, marketing, sales, and operations. Other key responsibilities for this position include:

  • Developing and implementing a strategy for gathering customer feedback that drives loyalty.
  • Analyzing customer feedback and data to identify pain points and areas for improvement.
  • Monitor performance data.
  • Create business cases to support the customer experience.

They also educate and inspire employees at all levels to focus on the customer’s needs. That is why they measure KPIs to analyze the success of customer experience activities.

Vice president of customer experience
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