Tableau Developer

Key Roles and Responsibilities:
  • Design and create data visualizations (reports and dashboards) as required
  • Designs visualizations for initial concepts and prototypes.
  • Perform detailed data analysis (i.e. determine the structure, content, and quality of the data through examination of source systems and data samples)
  • Establish standards and best practices for dashboards and related technologies
  • Manage a repository of re-usable data visualization templates and views
  • Building prototypes for demonstration and illustration purposes
  • Collaborating with other BI Analysts and Engineers around data/table structures in order to optimize for Tableau Dashboards and other self-service needs.
  • Acting as mentor and Tableau SME for other Tableau users across the organization
  • May be tasked for adhoc in Tableau or Manual (Excel) based reporting.


  • Bachelor's degree preferred with some relevant experience.
  • Proven operations knowledge.
  • Reporting skills with various reporting tools.
  • Good customer interaction skills.
  • Ability to multitask.
  • Excellent analytical thinking.
  • Candidate will contribute to mentoring within and outside the group.
  • Must have excellent communication skills (written and verbal).
  • Must be able to create and deliver effective, persuasive presentations on technical issues to junior, peer, and management audiences.
  • Must have excellent people skills - will be working with high level management team.
  • Flexible with shifting schedules (Noon/Night Shift)
  • Amenable to work along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City

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