Win your Customers with these 5 Easy Techniques!

November 20, 2018 in Afni News

by Owie Donato
Operations Manager

“How to be you po?” asked a member of the team, after modeling the behaviors which saved the interaction.

I smiled, thinking of the inspiring journey on how I came this far.

Having good communication skills is essential in any industry. In the kind of business we are in, whatever LOB we support, in all channels where customers come through, providing exemplary service and handling the interaction with utmost care are at the top of our priorities. How is customer experience influenced by this?

Effective call handling is the key to providing exemplary service. The challenge arises when challenging calls and difficult customers influence the agents’ disposition. How do we combat this? Some may say it’s easy, others think it’s a tough battle to win.

Follow these 5 simple call handling techniques and win your customers!

1. Smile and take it easy.

Our customers feed off our reactions and verbal cues. They sense fear, annoyance, and sarcasm. Try to recall a positive interaction despite it being challenging at first and evaluate what you liked about it, and why it worked. Smile and replicate that in your calls.

2. Listen and be quick to respond.

Follow what the caller is saying and capture key details. Our customers do not like being repetitive. Remember details, take down notes if possible, and be ready to use what you have gathered to address the concern. Give the best resolution immediately, without compromising the quality of your call.

3. Ask to clarify; never assume.

Encourage the customers to simplify what they are saying or expound their explanation until you fully establish the reason for calling without being pushy. Choosing the right questions to ask the customers will help get their message across sooner and with more clarity. Making assumptions can only make things worse.

4. Confidence is King; familiarity is key.

Believe in what you say, and you will be able to deliver the message you want to convey. You can pacify the customers by being confident, giving them the impression that you are capable. Use your tools, be resourceful, and be knowledgeable.

5. Be clear, and be mindful of your tone.

Be consistent and exude stamina throughout your shift. While tone and clarity may trigger an emotional response from the customer, your disposition and overall condition affects the interaction.

Remember that the last customer for the day is just as important as the first. Your attitude and demeanor towards the customers should not vary, regardless of how challenging they can be.

The conversations we have with our customers is “our brand” and the key to providing positive customer experience. You just need to BE YOU!

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Samantha is the Recruitment Marketing Manager for Afni and brings a wealth of knowledge and tips for job seekers. She holds a bachelor's degree in public relations and marketing from Mount Saint Vincent University as well as a masters degree in digital marketing and advertising from Liberty University.