Afni Shares the True Spirit of Christmas with Snowflake Tree Campaign

May 23, 2018 in AfniCARES

The spirit of Christmas is all about sharing the gifts we received, making people smile, reuniting with our families and friends, and a time to reflect on ourselves from the year past and ahead. .

Every year, the Afni Family concludes with a cumulative Christmas event for their employees and their kids, called The Snowflake Tree. With tons of wishes hung on the Snowflake Trees, co-employees grant every one of them to give light to the true meaning of Christmas.

An Afni employee who wishes to join the campaign makes a wish for their children and hangs it on the trees. Towards the holiday, co-employees take a Snowflake and grants the wish of the kids! Anyone and everyone can grant a wish! .

The campaign concludes with a Gift-Giving event. Last year, December 21, the children visited Afni and claimed their gifts from the employees, led by the Employee Relations team, and Ken Hahn, our Country Manager

Employees serenaded our visitors and the orphans of Children's Joy Foundation offered a very cute dance number and played an ensemble. It's really heartwarming to see these kids light up the program with their enthusiastic personalities and their undeniable cuteness.

Everybody's heart was filled with happiness and fulfillment seeing the children happy. Sure enough, they had a very merry Christmas. Afni did too!